In my conscious therapies I put into practice the knowledge and kind of therapy that are suitable at the given moment, depending on how the person is feeling that day and what problems wants to fix. The options are diverse and range from a conscious talk, Reiki, sound therapy, massage, aromatherapy, meditations to emotional management.


In 2016 I took the Conscious Therapist training, where I learned powerful and simple practices associated to healing from the heart. During this course I discovered my own shadow- the aspects of myself that I was covering, but which were affecting my everyday life. In this training I received tools to “open the Pandora’s box” and I gradually become aware of the issues that were inside me. 

I understood that those issues were there to help me and that I don’t need them anymore, finally transforming them from fear to love. 

 As time went by, I managed to open up and learned how to live from the heart and use my mind to solve the apparent problems instead of entering drama. I became aware that the first person that needs to heal is myself and that I´m continuously learning from others. Each day brings new and valuable experiences, some more pleasant and others a bit uncomfortable, but nowadays I am able to appreciate them equally. Life is a continual learning process and I became very aware of how I feel in every moment and how I manage it.



I currently live in Barcelona, but I come by different festivals and conscious events throughout Spain. For any questions related to the therapies I offer you can e-mail me at or call me at +34 629975476. If you prefer, you can get in touch through the contact form on my website and I will be happy to listen to you and help you be more free.